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High Pressure Reciprocating
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COMPAC-3 Series High Pressured İnlet Air Refrigerated Air Dryers


Compac-3 series compressed air dryers are using as in Plastic bottle puffing facilities, for start ro diesel motors, High voltage cutout, military unit, test equipments, marina and industrial applications, shipyard,fire stations applications which is necesarry high pressure. its works with the best effeciency as in max. 45 C pressure inlet.

In the atmospheric air Compressor absorbs, there is always a variable amount of water vapor.
When this moisture and air reach at a certain value by force of Compressor together, water vapor condenses into water under the effect of pressure and cooling.Liquid water is formed at every pressure and temperature changes.

This liquid water causes diameter lossed and causes diametter losses and rusting in the air installation, damages in pneumatic systems and besides several problems that trigger eachother.These damages that cause loss of work, time and Money in the processes are prevented by discharging liquid water occuring in cooling of compressed air (+3 dew point temp.) by refrigerated air dryer.
Clean and dry compressed air takes operation costs down and provide your instruments to work efficient.

Why Compac

» Small size, full hardware,
•» Perfect result to air-water separation,
••» Zero air loss as optional, 
••» Smarter and chip control. Seasonal adjustment does not to need,
••» Easy and simple a by-pass line with inlet and outlet filters,
••» The advantage of disassembly and assembly for the Heat Exchanger,
•» Environment friendly 
•» Efficient heat transfer
•» European standart Design


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