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High Pressure Reciprocating
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1- Food and beverage, medical, laboratory and industry and wherever oil-free air is required

2- Pistons and piston rings made of corrosion and high temperature resistant special Teflon coated material

3- It does not require maintenance (excluding air filter) for 10,000 hours (or four years)

It is designed based on oil free operation principle according to 8.5 / 10/14 bar operation pressure and power range from 0.75kw up to 11kW.

Compressor block is supplied by the Japanese Annest Iwata Company. It is driven by V-belt pulley.

V-belt tension is easily adjustable with belt and pulley tensioning system.

The compressor is started directly with motor protection switch up to 4 kW motor power types, and with star-delta control panel up to 5.5kW motor power types and more.

Compressor is driven with F proof, IP55 protected, IE2 efficiency asynchronous electric motor.

The cabin is designed according to the most appropriate operating conditions: Vibration is minimized by use of rubber wedges in various sections. Noise is reduced to a minimum with non-flammable sound insulation foam covered on the cabin's interior surfaces. Facilities are provided to make easy service applications with push on-off-locking system mounted on the cabin covers.

Preference to be able to start with mono-phase electric motors for the types with power up to 4kW

It is air cooled: Cooling is ensured by the air flow generated by the flywheel fan through intercoolers and after-coolers

Operation control (idle -loaded operation) is provided by the pressure switch.

Monitoring the pressure condition in the system is maintained with a manometer

The system is provided with safeguards against excessive pressure with a safety valve set to +1 bar value of the compressor operating pressure.

Air filter element is introduced into a plastic filter cup allowing easy replacement.

Easy pass of the compressor to loading position is ensured with 2 / 2Y discharge solenoid valve mounted on the collector.

Compressor operating hour is ensured by the clock counter integrated into the control system.

Space savings are achieved with the compressor unit being mounted on galvanization coated air tank.

The air tanks are designed and produced  in accordance with the 2009/105/EC directive.

The air outlet on air tanks must be fitted with a ball valve. However, a mini ball valve is also used for the evacuation of condensation water under the tanks

Hand hole is added on the air tank providing ease of service.



High Pressure 40 Bar 
Oil Free Compressors

EYPS-Type Oil Free Piston Air Compressors (3-8-10-13-40 bar)

Oil free, high pressure, high-output, multi-stage, sliding bearing water cooled, V-type piston air compressor.


AIRKOM has realized a first in our country as a result of long R&D activities; we are proud to have carried out the first production of an oil free, high pressure, high output, multi-stage, water cooled piston air compressor made 80% from local materials, compliant with EU regulations and standards, generally used in the production of PET bottles. This design is not only produced for PET bottle production, but is also produced suited to all other sectors working with oil free and continuous pressurized air. For example, in accordance with the compressed air needs of a business in production, lower bar, higher or lower output designs can be carried out according to customer demands.


Product Specifications


•   Casting, molding and machining processes of main parts are carried out within DİRİNLER GRUP. In this way, about 90% portion of the compressor system is manufactured under our supervision.

•   Valves, piston rings and sealing elements are exclusively designed for this compressor by HOERBIGER Company which is a pioneer in the industry.

•   Each piece is designed using ANSYS CAD program. Thus, the most appropriate materials and design are determined with the execution of durability and thermal calculations.

•   It is V-Type with 3 stages.

•   Body and stage cylinders are made of AN GJL-250 cast iron materials and stress relief operations are implemented and treated as sensitive.

•   The crankshaft is integral and made of EN GJS 600-3 ductile iron cast. Stress relieving procedures are made. After processing, operating surfaces of bearings and connecting rod handle are grinded.

•   Connecting rods are two-piece and made of EN GJS 600-3 ductile iron material, processed after the surface tension relieving treatment.  Operating surfaces of connecting rod on the crankshaft are cavernously processed according to the crankshaft diameter after being coated with special alloy materials.

•   All stage cylinders are controlled by a hydrostatic pressure test prior to mounting.

•   Air pipes in the input - output line between stages are controlled by hydrostatic testing after being x-rayed following the welding process.

•   The linear motion of 1st and 2nd stage piston shafts is provided with the sliding bearing piston.

•   1st and 2nd stage pistons and sliding bearing piston are casted from special alloy aluminum material and processed after stress relieving treatment is finished.

•   1st, 2nd and 3rd stage pistons are made of PTFE material which is exclusively designed for ESKOM and long lasting.

•   Suction and discharge valves at all stages are exclusively designed and manufactured for ESKOM.

•   Both sides of the crankshaft are supported with bearings.

•   Compressor despite producing oil-free air is lubricated automatically by an oil pump driven by the crankshaft for the purpose of lubricating certain mechanical parts.

•   Oil scraper packages and pressure seal packages at 1st and 2nd stages are available to prevent oil penetration into the air through piston shafts.

•   Compressed air stepping out of the stage cylinder firstly passes through the water-cooled heat exchanger and goes to the other stage after being cooled. There is a safety valve crimped in the water separator.

•   After complete installation of compressor block, its connections together with other components are made on robust NPI profile chassis. Moreover, 6 vibration isolating bellows are placed under the chassis.

•   The compressor and motor connections are provided with V-belts. There is an easily adjustable tensioning system.

•   Compressed air emerging from 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage cylinders is controlled by temperature and pressure sensors.

•   Stage cylinders are cooled with the circulation of water from a closed system of water cooling towers.

•   40-bar air tank is manufactured in compliance with CE standards and regulations and a hydrostatic pressure test is applied after source X-ray is taken and assessed.

•   Closed loop water cooling tower

•   Circulation pump,

•   Air dryer and filters

•   Operating status of the compressor, pressure and temperature values, outlet pressure and temperature values of the stages, water temperature and flow values, maintenance times, information showing that it is time to replace spare parts, faults, PTC errors etc. can be followed through LCD screen.



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