Reciprocating Compressors

Ask Eskom! The Best Solution for Any Gas Compression.

Eskom has manufactured reciprocating compressors since 2009 and now has an installed base of more than 2,300 units around the globe.

Eskom reciprocating compressors have been serving in a wide variety of heavy industry applications: oil refining, natural gas, petrochemical and energy.

To accurately predict the performance, Eskom has programmed over 2 years of research and experience in the compression field into our digital computers.  Complete calculations have been prepared for such items as inertia balance, Torsional vibration, crosshead pin loads, torque variation curve, valve motion analysis and acoustic pulsation of piping.  These calculations provide a prediction of the compressors performance under actual operating conditions.

With this broad base of experience, engineering expertise, manufacturing techniques and ongoing research and development, Eskom ranks among the leading manufacturers worldwide.

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